Re: adhesions and longterm sickleave

From: Peggy (
Thu Jan 6 08:18:06 2000

At Thu, 6 Jan 2000, Janet wrote: >

Hi Janet, Welcome to the forum ! Don't think at all that you are being self pity. All that you have endured does take its toll . I myself do childcare from my home for family but wonder how I make it through the day at times , If I had a job outside of the home it would be very diffacult to make it there .It is a never ending vicious cycle that we are all in. Hopefully some day there will be more help for us .There is a tremendous amount of support here and that is what is helping me .I am sorry to hear that you are suffering too."FRIENDS THAT STICK TOGETHER" Peggy

>Hello everyone,
>I'm Janet from England. I have been reading all the advice and info
>from Toni, Helen, Peggy etc and I would like to ask a question.
>After years of gynea surgery,laps, a laparotomy and finally a
>hysterectomy for recurring pelvic pain due to adhesions - when the pain
>came back again last August my body (and spirit) seemed to finally give
>up and I have been off work since then waiting for the doctors to decide
>what to do next. It now looks like i am going to have another
>laparoscopy to laser the adhesions.
>Am I the only person who is off work? I'm begining to feel a fraud or a
>failure because I just cant keep going.It hurts when I move to much or
>if I sit in one position too long and my bowel was damaged when they did
>the hysterectomy and has never worked properly since.
>What tips can you give me for coping?I'm only 33 and have had 7 years of
>this now.
>Sorry, I know this sounds a bit self pitying - but I would love to hear
>what peoples coping mechanisms are as I seem to have run out!

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