Re: adhesions and longterm sickleave

From: Tina Shelby (
Thu Jan 6 12:34:26 2000


Hello and welcome. To answer your question, I have been unable to work since Oct. 98. I had to walk away from my growing clinic as a nurse practitioner, and 8 years of college preparation for the field. No, you aren't weak or "a wimp". The pain is real, the chaos it causes at work, home, leisure etc goes on and on. I have resigned myself to accept the fact that until there is a "cure", I must make the best of what I have, pray for strength for each new day, and control the pain the best I can w/ the help of my caring, compassionate physician. I think the best thing that helped me deal with this and not go totally out of my mind with depression, was meeting Dr. Wiseman and being a part of this group. As David so wisely said, "A trouble shared is a trouble halved". I hope you find as much comfort and solace here as I have.

Glad you found us!


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