Re: Blessed be the Memory of Christine Buelteman - a victim of AR

Thu Jan 6 08:53:07 2000

I am just reading for the first time, about one of our own, Christine Buelteman, a woman I have never spoken with, but know just the same, because she was one of us. I wish I had had the chance to chatter with her. Again, the medical community has let us down! No, we do not have Cancer; sorry, no kidney or liver disease nor do we have Parkinson's; therefore, we are an invisible congregation -- nothing more -- nothing less. NO DOG GONE IT!!! It stops right here, right now! We can e-mail our miseries to each other, share helpful tips and web sites, now we can do something for a fallen comrade ALL of us e-mail our stories to either Dateline or 60 Minutes like it was suggested by Helen. We all need to coordinate our choice to either Bev, Helen or myself. We will add up the tally for which show we will shoot for (or better yet, put them in competition with each other) by sending each of them ALL of our stories (and I am sure IAS is pretty large by now) but it MUST BE ALL OF US TO BE SUCCESSFUL!!! Don't procrastinate!! This will be for Christine, keep that in mind as you write your story or just copy it from the forum if you want. One of the three of us will get the e-mail address and coordinate a date in which we all send our stories. I wholeheartedly agree with Bev and Helen that we must make our move NOW!!! We have waited too long to get a hand out into the public and say "look over here, there are alot of silent sufferers that need some help now, don't leave us behind.". You know what your primary care doctors said: "It's all in your head, here, take this Prozac and call me in a month." Doctor to doctor: "Yeah Charlie, I have this patient that comes in or calls at least once a month complaining of sharp, radiant pains in her abdomen and pelvic area. I checked her over and there is nothing wrong with her. She is just neurotic. I tell you, you run the tests already knowing there is nothing wrong but you have to satisfy their urge to prove to you they are sick, in the meantime they are taking up my valuable time." Just a little sample of doctor-speak -- not meant to attack ALL doctors but enough of them to leave a bad taste in the mouths of adhesion sufferers the world over. We are FINALLY getting a handful of doctors that actually believe us and are trying their hardest to get us help. For them I thank God but still ask Him to put us in the spotlight so all of the other adhesion sufferers know we are here and they can join us and take their rightful place beside hundreds of thousands of us that suffer in silence. I know, it is time I climb down from my soapbox but I just could not stand by and not respond to Bev and Helen's wonderful words about Christine and not be moved to join them in their idea to really unite like we should have a while ago and demand to be heard! Dr. Wiseman if you are reading this, please do not take my words to mean that you are not doing enough to get us out into the public; that is not my intention. If it were not for you, we wouldn't even have an IAS much less be able to unite like this and share stories with each other and for that, I will be grateful for life. It is just that meeting among ourselves without some time of real accomplishment is fruitless and we do not have the kind of money to make trips like this without there being an end result. I have suggested many times over that we could actually turn this into a membership organization and maybe even be a nonprofit organization with special perks. I do not know how that works but it would be something to look into. Anyway, everybody, please think over all that I have said. Pray on it and let the Lord lead you. Step up to the plate and take your swing. We need to band together now more than ever before.

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> Subject: Re: Blessed be the Memory of Christine Buelteman - a victim
> of ARD
> Helen.
> I am so sad. A part of me went to heaven yesterday! It hurts so bad!
> I will give your message to her family! They said she was so excited since
> joining the group. So full of hope and happiness. Excited for her
> future...talking about it all the time! This is so tragic, so useless, so
> frustrating!
> Chris told me several times that once she had that disability behind her,
> her next step will be to send her operative reports and information on ARD
> to all those DR's who " slapped ' her in the face for so amny years! So
> will vindicate herself at last! Well, she will be vindicated as I intend
> to finish that for her! And we both know that the end result of her
> treatment by them is a lot different then if Chris would have done
> it...the difference of life and death!
> Thank-you for your kind words and I would like to add her to the quilt as
> that to will keep her memory alive!
> And thank you for the info in GERD! Never thought so many suffered it and
> now i am glad that I was miffed and spoke out as many of us need that info
> your providing on it! Your an angel.. it is a very hard day helen!
> pray for her family! Chris is home now.
> Love Bev

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> Subject: Blessed be the Memory of Christine Buelteman - a victim of
> Bev, I just finished reading your touching account of Christine's
> fruitless attempts to get help for herself and her family through Social
> Security Disability.
> I am really saddened by all of the detours that were placed in
> Christine's way as she reached out for medical care - detours which
> prevented her from getting the proper medical and surgical care at a time
> when she would've been in better physical condition for surgery.
> The memory of Christine will always be with us!! The sadness of
> her untimely death from adhesions could be the impetus which could spur
> others, who also suffer from adhesions, to write their stories - with the
> hope that eventually a television program, such as Dateline, would agree
> to air a special program about adhesions. Perhaps, if International
> Adhesion Society members would truely unite, Christine's death could make
> more of an impact on the medical community than we realize!!
> I have updated my story; and I hope that many of you, who read the
> messages at the Adhesions Forum, will feel motivated to do the same.
> My deepest sympathy to her family!

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