adhesions and longterm sickleave

From: Janet (
Thu Jan 6 07:38:16 2000

Hello everyone,

I'm Janet from England. I have been reading all the advice and info from Toni, Helen, Peggy etc and I would like to ask a question. After years of gynea surgery,laps, a laparotomy and finally a hysterectomy for recurring pelvic pain due to adhesions - when the pain came back again last August my body (and spirit) seemed to finally give up and I have been off work since then waiting for the doctors to decide what to do next. It now looks like i am going to have another laparoscopy to laser the adhesions. Am I the only person who is off work? I'm begining to feel a fraud or a failure because I just cant keep going.It hurts when I move to much or if I sit in one position too long and my bowel was damaged when they did the hysterectomy and has never worked properly since. What tips can you give me for coping?I'm only 33 and have had 7 years of this now. Sorry, I know this sounds a bit self pitying - but I would love to hear what peoples coping mechanisms are as I seem to have run out! Thanks Janet

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