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Prevention of Post-Surgical Adhesions
David Wiseman, PhD
Wednesday, April 28, 1999

Drwiseman "Hi everyone: who wants to kick off?"

Drwiseman "Hi Peggy: do I know you?"

Peggyk "I was on last chat and I also e-mailed you"

Drwiseman "OK well do you have some new questions?"

Peggyk "Not right at the moment. I am going in for a 2nd laparoscopy tomorrow"

Peggyk "I had the 1st 1 done last Oct."

Janp "Peggy how long ago did you have your first one?"

Drwiseman "So do you want to tell us about it?"

Janp "Dr. Is it common to have 2 laparoscopies so close together?"

Peggyk "I asked the Dr. about adhesion barriers and he told me that he does use them if possible."

Peggyk "He told me that there was such an excessive amount the last time that he could not use it on me."

Drwiseman "Peggy: why are you needing this operation? Are the problems recurring?"

Peggyk "Yes they are."

Drwiseman "What kind of problems: what was the first operation for?"

Peggyk "I was pain free for about 8 weeks after the 1st time"

Drwiseman "What did they do the first time? Cut adhesions or something else?"

Peggyk "I had a hysterectomy in April of 98"

Peggyk "and then I ended up with extensive adhesions."

Drwiseman "An excessive amount of what?"

Drwiseman "Do you have bowel obstruction?"

Peggyk "No."

Drwiseman "Just pain?"

Peggyk "Yes, Ii have a lot of pain on my left side and lower abdomen."

Drwiseman "So now he will try to cut some adhesions and try to use an adhesion barrier?"

Peggyk "Yes that is what he is telling me."

Janp "What is an adhesion barrier?"

Drwiseman "Well there is little more to say. Hysterectomy can result in adhesions and give these kind of problems."

Drwiseman "An adhesion barrier is a device used by surgeons to prevent or reduce the formation or reformation of adhesions."

Drwiseman "There are two which are on the market: INTERCEED and SEPRAFILM. The surgeon places them over the place where surgery has been done to stop it from sticking to other organs."

Peggyk "Well after I had the hysterectomy I ended up with an infection so I know that the infection was a big cause of the adhesions."

Drwiseman "Peggy: you are right infection is a major contributor to adhesions."

Drwiseman "Is there infection now or has it cleared up?"

Peggyk "It has cleared up."

Drwiseman "Good"

Peggyk "Thanks"

Drwiseman "JanP: would you like to ask some questions, perhaps tell us a little about yourself?"

Janp "Dr. Wiseman I had a laparoscopy in December and now I am starting to feel as bad as I did before the surgery, Could my endo be returning?"

Lea_h "Hello Dr. Wiseman and Jan"

Drwiseman "It could be, the symptoms are the same?"

Drwiseman "Hi Leah: have we met before?"

Janp "Yes"

Lea_h "Yes we've met, I'm the cpp coordinator"

Drwiseman "Obviously this is something for your doctor to check out - I can't take it much further here. Is there a problem with adhesions?"

Drwiseman "Leah: OK I think you emailed me recently."

Janp "I'm not sure."

Lea_h "Yes I did, about your new site"

Lea_h "I figured I would pop in here and see how things were going."

Drwiseman "Well thanks for dropping by. What do you think of our web site and adhesions forum? Has anyone used it yet?"

Lea_h "I checked in a few days ago and there were a few people using it, some names I recognized from WHF."

Lea_h "The overall site is very good lots of information."

Peggyk "Where is this site?"

Lea_h "Geeze, I'm feeling like an amateur chatter-been a long time"

Drwiseman " take a look"

Peggyk "Thank you, I will."

Drwiseman "Ok let's get back to adhesions: what other questions and comments do y'all have?"

Lea_h "I have one - I've been adhesion free for 14 months!"

Drwiseman "Great - what's your question?"

Lea_h "No question - just had a comment LOL"

Drwiseman "LOL?"

Lea_h "laughing out loud"

Drwiseman "So what did you do right?"

Peggyk "I will ask the same question that janp asked. Is it common to have 2 laparoscopies so close together? The 1st one was just about 6 monthsweeks ago."

Lea_h "Well, for one thing, my doctor was very careful when removing the adhesions I had, I can't remember what preventative he used but whatever it was it worked. I took my time recovering and didn't jump right back in."

Peggyk "How long did you take to recover?"

Lea_h "I took a full 6 weeks before doing easy stuff - full recovery took about 6 months (I had a hysterectomy)."

Drwiseman "Thanks for that: I was just checking my memory. 6 months is not an uncommon time to have a second look done. It depends on the reason. With obstruction due to adhesions, I think up to 25% of the cases occur within 1 year."

Peggyk "When I had my 1st laparoscopy I only took it easy for about 2 weeks."

Lea_h "I can vouch for that - I was in the Lap every 6 months club for a couple years."

Peggyk "And I was hoping that this would be it."

Lea_h "Think positive Peggy, maybe it will be."

Peggyk "It is so discouraging though."

Amylynn "Good Evening everyone!"

Lea_h "Yes, Peggy, it can be. One thing I did differently this time that I think helped was to move around often - though slowly and gently."

Lea_h "Hello Amylynn"

Peggyk "You think that this is it and then you're right back to where you were before, it really does stink"

Drwiseman "Hello Amylynn"

Lea_h "Even now - I spend 5-11 hours a day at my computer and if I don't get up now and then and stretch it feels like things inside are sticking together."

Drwiseman "5-11 hours are a long time to spend at the computer for everyone. You should take a stretch every now and then."

Drwiseman "Amylynn: do you have any questions?"

Amylynn "I have a question. Does anyone know how long a laparoscopy should help ease the symptoms of PCO and endo? I had mine in September and my Re says that maybe everything is starting to get back to the way it was before. I have been in more pain lately than I have since I had the lap."

Lea_h "Yes, I know - sometimes I get so deeply involved in what I'm doing that I forget to move - I even have a blink reminder"

Amylynn "Gee, I wish I had this many people show up for the PCO chats, this is nice to see so many people out."

Lea_h "Hello Barbaran"

Barbaran "Hi Everyone"

Drwiseman "Amylynn: sometimes laparoscopy can completely ease the symptoms of PCO or endo. Sometimes it does not?"

Drwiseman "Welcome Barbara!!"

Peggyk "HI Barbaran"

Barbaran "Hello David. I'm off in the am for CT to attend the Symposium on CPP. We will be doing lots of video interviews and will have them on"

Amylynn "I guess I am just really upset that things are getting back to the way they were before. I don't have any children yet and I want to do everything I can to ease all of the symptoms that I have. I don't want him to do another lap if it is just going to cause more problems."

Drwiseman "While you're there perhaps you can put in a plug for"

Drwiseman "Amylynn: I think I can understand that, I'm sure the others will."

Lea_h "Absolutely Amy, it's hard to keep going sometimes."

Peggyk "I have to go it was nice chatting with everyone hope to catch you all next month. Good night!"

Lea_h "Good night Peggy and good luck!"

Drwiseman "Thanks for joining in."

Peggyk "Thanks to all of you."

Amylynn "Well, I have one more question. Ladies, have any of you taken Fertinex? What can I expect."

Lea_h "Not me Amylynn."

Guest6 "Hi"

Lea_h "Hello guest"

Amylynn "Hello"

Drwiseman "We have a few more minutes. Would anyone else like to ask a question?"

Drwiseman "What is it for?"

Guest6 "Yes, since I came in so late, I was just wondering if you have any news concerning when the Intergel is due out."

Guest6 "Sorry if you already have answered, Dr. Wiseman."

Drwiseman "Intergel: is already out in Europe. It may be out in the US by the end of the year, depending on the FDA"

Guest6 "Ok, thank you."

Drwiseman "Any other questions?"

Amylynn "Dr Wiseman, thanks for your comments!"

Lea_h "It was good chatting with you Dr. Wiseman"

Amylynn "Good night Everyone!"

Barbaran "Good night and thank you Dr. Wiseman."

Drwiseman "Thanks once again: I'm going to put the kids to bed. Goodnight"


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