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From: Gina (
Thu Oct 28 12:56:13 1999

Hi Toni, You're welcome. I am new to this web support and I know I would be certifiably insane today if I hadn't found the support here. I just try to give away what I get in the way of love, encouragement, and help. I also don't like to see people suffer needlessly so if I can help I will.

I can imagine your embarassment and pain in the bingo situation. I have been there done that too. Only I would not have been able to "hold it". She would have had to pull over at a gas station immediately. I had meds for it, to relax my colon, but they rarely ever worked once an attack came on. The meds were more for prevention.

It is easier for those who love us and watch us suffer, if we can verbalize what we need from them, what they can do, etc. Like asking for a hug, or a back rub, or just to listen. It makes them feel useful and gives them something concrete to do that they know is helping. I'm pretty sure my hubby is tired of hearing about my BM's or lack of, LOL But he always listens.

It sounds like the pain you were having that night was from trapped gas. I have gone to the hospital (real embarassing) for trapped gas because the pain was just so intense I was convinced I was dying. A real good "gas pass" gave instant relief and I felt embarassed! You know, these days I pass gas any time I feel like it, no matter where I am. I know it's gross or socially unacceptable, but I just apologize. My friends know it hurts me to hold it in, and they just laugh with me--I am a great fan of laughing at myself and the situations my body gets me into! I have to laugh. Nothing else I can do, so why be miserable unless I have to?

I think I was the one who posted about the trazadone. I use that for sleep, have been for 3 years now and it worked great. Now since my last surgery where they took my ovaries, and I lost my hormone production, the trazadone doesn't work anymore :-( So I'm seeking alternatives. Must be something about the change in hormones that reversed the action of the drug. Sigh...

Hugs, Gina

PS: Feel free to email me privately to continue this conversation. I'm afraid we're probably boring everyone else? LOL

At Wed, 27 Oct 1999, toni welsh wrote: >
>Thankyou so much for your caring, I have been trying so hard to
>understand the bowel problems I have to live with now. Last night I
>decided to go to bingo and a friend picked me up, and she is nota close
>friend, and while we were on our way I started to get severe cramping in
>the lower pelvis, and we were almost there I said nothing, I had not
>known her tat long and I felt like an idiot to say anything I kept
>talking my way not to let this get to me, and hopefully it was not going
>to be a IBS attack at bingo. I will hold it when that happens if
>possible, and wait til I get home. It did go away, but the small
>cramping didn't, just felt sore again. I told my husband and I too have
>been having trouble getting deep breaths not smoking, I have ativan
>there, and for the first time in a long time, I took one, felt like my
>heart was going to jump out of my chest. I have not told him about the
>breating, you get tired of complaining. I know this is all playing a
>toll on my nerves, too.
>I went to bed, and I turned the world series on and laid for awhile on
>back, and it hurt some and went I turned over,the left side hurt bad,
>and usually it is the right, I was quite uncomfortable, and I need to
>talk to m husband, and I feellike he my be tired of me. He sys he is
>not, he says he is just worried and he does not know what to do for me.
>After a small amt of gas came out finally, I did fall asleep, I hate the
>fact my bowels are running my life.
>I di win 100.00, so I made up my mind I am getting done here, and going
>shopping for awhile, I am going to drive to a bigger mall, and try to
>have some fun. Looking for winter clothes, and a new electric skillet.
>My sons girlfriend is coming for dinner, and I have to take care of y
>handicapped sister for dad. o I will have a BUSY day. I will talk to
>you all later I hope. And Gina, thank you so much for caring.
>To the other girl that posted about not sleeping, I would go nuts
>without Trazadone, they increased it to 100 mgs before it helped me
>sleep. Did you ask about Elavil, that was pretty sedating too, I took
>it for awhile.

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