From: toni welsh (
Wed Oct 27 09:34:19 1999


Thankyou so much for your caring, I have been trying so hard to understand the bowel problems I have to live with now. Last night I decided to go to bingo and a friend picked me up, and she is nota close friend, and while we were on our way I started to get severe cramping in the lower pelvis, and we were almost there I said nothing, I had not known her tat long and I felt like an idiot to say anything I kept talking my way not to let this get to me, and hopefully it was not going to be a IBS attack at bingo. I will hold it when that happens if possible, and wait til I get home. It did go away, but the small cramping didn't, just felt sore again. I told my husband and I too have been having trouble getting deep breaths not smoking, I have ativan there, and for the first time in a long time, I took one, felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest. I have not told him about the breating, you get tired of complaining. I know this is all playing a toll on my nerves, too.

I went to bed, and I turned the world series on and laid for awhile on back, and it hurt some and went I turned over,the left side hurt bad, and usually it is the right, I was quite uncomfortable, and I need to talk to m husband, and I feellike he my be tired of me. He sys he is not, he says he is just worried and he does not know what to do for me. After a small amt of gas came out finally, I did fall asleep, I hate the fact my bowels are running my life.

I di win 100.00, so I made up my mind I am getting done here, and going shopping for awhile, I am going to drive to a bigger mall, and try to have some fun. Looking for winter clothes, and a new electric skillet. My sons girlfriend is coming for dinner, and I have to take care of y handicapped sister for dad. o I will have a BUSY day. I will talk to you all later I hope. And Gina, thank you so much for caring.

To the other girl that posted about not sleeping, I would go nuts without Trazadone, they increased it to 100 mgs before it helped me sleep. Did you ask about Elavil, that was pretty sedating too, I took it for awhile.


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