Re: affecting my marriage...over

From: toni welsh (
Thu Oct 28 12:23:01 1999

At Thu, 28 Oct 1999, Sharonda Moore wrote: >
>I am not married and will not pretend to know anything about that. Are you
>taking any meds like lupron or depo or even bcp's? They can make you very
>emotional and react sharply to a situation. It may be that you need to take
>some time out and analyze and think about things. One thing I do know about
>is keeping things to yourself. I have been on the receiving end of someone
>that had not communicated with me and when they finally vented, it turned
>into a physical attack.
>You must communicate and get things out, he can't read your mind and also
>when you talk to him (or anyone - it doesn't always have to be your
>husband), sometimes you realize things you didn't before and the other
>person can give you a different perspective on the situation. From my
>observations marriage does have it ups and downs, you just may have to work
>your way through this rough patch.
>My last suggestion, if you are a spiritual person believing in a higher
>power - pray.
>>From: (toni welsh)
>>To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS <>
>>Subject: affecting my marriage...over
>>Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1999 07:55:39 -0500
>>I hate to write to any of you this morning, but I have no where to turn
>>now. My 18 yera anniversary is Saturday, and or relation ship is
>>falling apart fsat. I do not think I can deal with this day alone,
>>after a awful night last night. I have cried so much, when I got up I
>>could not open my eyes, they were not this swollen since grandma died in
>>I cannot beleive the way the evening went, first I had my handicapped
>>sister and I was trying to bath her, she is 140, and I weigh 97 now, she
>>is rough, then her and I came out to the kitchen, and my son went out to
>>light the gas grill, when he turned it on and hit the switch, I looked
>>out and I saw a huge ball of yellow, and he yelled, and he could not
>>see, it happened so fast I did not know what happened. He was fine, but
>>it had scared him too. Well, since that happened my husband got angry,
>>making fun of me, and out of the blue, I told him I do not love him
>>anymore, and I removed my rings, and told him I do not want them any
>>more. I do not know why I said this, he has shut me off for a few days,
>>but I have kept my dealing with things with me to my self. I would go
>>on forever if I talked about this, but I think the marriage is rocky as
>>hell, and now I am scared, if I lose my husband all I have is dad and my
>>son, his girlfriend who I adore hurt me too! I feel like my life is
>>The arguing did not stop most of the night, too long, I am now convinced
>>men do not uderstand!
>>I paged my counselor, and she could not talk and when she called back, I
>>missed hercall. Hate to bother them after hours!

tanks, I take meds, but I am past bcp, hon, I am 45 year old with complete hyterectomy. I wish it was that easy, I do take teazadone, neurotin, oxycontin, and premarin, only .0625, may need more estrogen, but something is causing severe depression, and not suere, you are right I am holding ALOT in , I will open up with pain clinic on Tues, my counselor said we have to address that situation.


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