Question for Helen or Beverly or whoever can answer

From: Merri Ellen (
Thu Oct 28 06:36:28 1999

In a post that Helen provided a link to recently...Tuesday? The author mentioned DeNovo adhesions. What are they? This sounds very familiar and I would be interested in reading about them.

Also...just a note to say thank you to Helen and others that have been so generous in sharing links and information and hope. Having information (not available to me 17 years ago) and a balance of understanding and encouragement has been very beneficial.

Helen...previous experience with elavil has been very unpleasant for me. Did you have to adjust dosages or take something in combination? I was unable to function...serious drowsiness. Same thing happened recently with a prescription of Levbid. I seem to be very sensitive to any drug. My hope is that we will find something that is effective and then get something else to counteract the side effects. Does this seem reasonable?

Interesting development...I have a dip in one of my incisions. What used to be flat has now seemingly been sucked below the natural line of my abdomen, in direct alignment with a pull/stabbing pain. ---^-------V--- This is my weak attempt at explaining what has happened. The ^ is where a ?suture? has resurfaced after 11 years. The V is where a half inch section has been dipped. Do you think this could be adhesions pulling on the incision line? Has anyone ever heard of such a thing?

Merri Ellen

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