Re: Question for Helen or Beverly or whoever can answer

From: Gina (
Thu Oct 28 13:12:26 1999

Hi, My husband has that same "caved in" look to his incisions which are on his back and sides over lungs/rib cage. He doesn't have adhesions. The skin under the scar just didn't grow in fully. I heard someone somewhere mention they went to a Dr. for collagen injections into the scar tissue and it fixed the problem.

I have noticed that if I press on my incision scars, it feels like there is nothing under them! As if I could press straight thru into my middles! Must be where they cut through the skin, fat, etc and it hasn't all filled in yet. Now I see why it's so easy to get a hernia of bowel into the incision from underneath, and why they tell us to rest rest rest.

One of (my lower right pelvic) incisions is caved in a little because they placed it in a bad spot. I have a belly and a slight line across pelvic area, and a little roll of fat over that. On the left side they did a great job but on the right they cut a little too low so it really looks strange and caved in :-( Not sure anything can be done about it now. Gina

>Interesting development...I have a dip in one of my incisions. What
>used to be flat has now seemingly been sucked below the natural line of
>my abdomen, in direct alignment with a pull/stabbing pain.
>This is my weak attempt at explaining what has happened.
>The ^ is where a ?suture? has resurfaced after 11 years. The V is where
>a half inch section has been dipped. Do you think this could be
>adhesions pulling on the incision line? Has anyone ever heard of such a
>Merri Ellen

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