Re: Adhesions...sue ann

From: Sue Ann Murray (
Thu Oct 28 00:27:00 1999

>Sue ann,
>The drs have used Interceed on me, but are talkig now about seprafilm,
>if I cannot wait for Intergel. The drs are wanting to wait if possible
>for intergel, seeing hopefully it works better. They keepsaying that
>seprafilm still, like Interceed there are no guarantees, and they are
>hoping like me, that one will be available soon, where the drs at least
>know it may work. When was intergel use, sue an, how long after
>surgery, and It sounds you are feeling better.
>Are you in the us? I know it is being usded elsewhere. Looking forward
>to this.

I had surgery in May where the intergel was used, a follow-up surgery at the end of July to see how it worked and there were only two very small adhesions where there had been several before (like I said -- nothing like yours). I am feeling better as far as that goes (have other problems to deal with). The adhesions had begun to cause some minor bowel problems but didn't want to wait for them to get as bad as I read other people having. Monthly pain has also been greatly reduced so assuming that my particular adhesions were remnants of my endo, it seems to have worked on that as well. Check out (look under press releases and under it's chemcial name -- hyaluronan) for more info on intergel -- there's also a phone number there if you're interested in calling and I'm sure they'd give you any updates. Yes, I am in the US. Actually, if I understand the info on the web page correctly, the "intergel" is already in use for other purposes (perhaps in a diff. form?) so in one sense it's already available even here. And someone on another board asked me about it because she said her doctor had used it on her last year without her knowing anything about it until after surgery. But she never got back to me so don't know where she was from. Anyway, good luck and I hope things will stay somewhat quiet for you for a while!

Sue Ann

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