From: Christine M. Smith (
Tue Oct 26 08:00:17 1999

Hi Sherry: When is your MRI? What is it of? Did your surgeon explain what he/she was looking for, or hope to rule out?

Another thing I was curious about, you mentioned that your stools were very thin. Isn't there some way they could monitor this, such as CT or Barium? (something with contrast) My surgeon told me that such tests probably wouldn't show anything unless the patient were totally obstructed but I wonder. Why would adhesions cause this in one person, while not causing the problem in someone else. I had two locations where the intestine was completely folded back on itself, like the point of a tent. I can understand why the small bowel kink might not cause a problem as contents are mush at that point and the intestinal flexible, but the sigmoid colon was folded back like this and adhered to itself, yet I had no bowel problems at all. Tina to the rescue here!

Chris S.

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