Need a referralin Chicago (North)

From: sharon Iles (
Tue Oct 26 00:35:20 1999

I have had many (unfortunatly) gyne surgeries. 3 laps for (endo & fibriods) finally ended with a hyst/laperotomy after 2nd child was born. Most recently (6/98) a laperotomy to repair my hyst. scar that had herniated and a bowel full of adhesions.

Just over 13mths pain free my bowel is acting up again. I can feel the adhesions pulling at it. I know it needs to be "taken down" again before it gets any more painful…but I want to find a Doctor (in Chgo area) who will use an adhesion barrier (gel) as well as microsurgery techniques .

I do not wish to endure a lifetime of being cleaned out for adhesions every year or so. I can not live with anymore pain, it has consumed my life for too long! Please help me if you can refer me to someone in Chicago

Thanking you in advance please forward to

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