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From: toni welsh (
Sun Oct 24 11:46:47 1999

At Sun, 24 Oct 1999, Gina wrote: >
>Hi Teresa,
>What new meds that really work??? Tell all! :-)
>Yes I have noticed the people giving the most advise on how to deal with
>adhesions, have never had one themselves. There should be a rule about
>that! LOL
>At Sat, 23 Oct 1999, teresa hunt wrote:
>>Hi Gina: I have a bad few days and hevan't been on-line. (Getting adjusted
>>to the new meds which REALLY WORK). Family and friends don't know what will
>>make your pain and adhesions better unless they have experienced them
>>personally. That old saying about walking a mile in my shoes goes for
>>adhesions too!!! Keep the faith and it's NEVER too late to do something
>>about it. Teresa
>>>From: (Gina)
>>>To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS <>
>>>Subject: Question on adhesions
>>>Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1999 10:06:19 -0500
>>>I am new here, though by all rights I should have been here 18 years ago
>>>because that's when my adventure with adhesions began. Only I didn't
>>>know it (and docs didn't dx it) til I had surgery 8/12/99. Now I am
>>>known as "adhesion prone". Yippeeee! (BTW, I have a weird sense of
>>>humor, better to laugh than cry most days).
>>>Anyway, it wasn't til after my 2nd surgery (9/15/99) that I researched
>>>adhesions and found out it was possible to prevent them with exercise
>>>immediately after surgery, or with barriers, etc. No one told me--even
>>>though they knew I was adhesion prone. So I laid flat for 2 weeks solid
>>>"resting", hardly ever moving because I was told not to "over-do" it,
>>>etc. Now I find out it was the worst thing I could have done! It "set"
>>>my new adhesions permanently doing that, I think?
>>>Anyway I am getting tired of everyone (friends & family) telling me the
>>>best thing for adhesions is exercise. Sure in the beginning that might
>>>be true to keep them from attaching. But at 5 weeks post-op, when they
>>>have already started to harden and be permanently attached, most
>>>exercise hurts!!! ALOT! I can walk for a short time comfortably, but any
>>>bending, twisting, tummy and lower back area stuff is excruciating.
>>>Are they right? Should I be trying to exercise through the pain to
>>>detach them? Are my new adhesions permanent at 5 weeks, and hard? Is
>>>there anything I can do besides surgery and pills, to get rid of the
>>>pain and the adhesions at 5 weeks post-op?
>>>My doc who did the surgery told me that yes I do have new adhesions
>>>again in pelvic area, and I will just have to live with chronic pain. He
>>>told me that at 2 & 1/2 weeks post-op! He gave up. He said no one will
>>>operate to remove adhesions only, just because it hurts. He also said
>>>in my case any surgery to remove adhesions would make more (even
>>>laprascopy since that was how these last 2 surgeries were done, and both
>>>created new adhesions). I am not ready to accept "chronic pain" when it
>>>seems early enough to do SOME thing about them?

yes, teresa, please tell us what is working for you. yesterda I could not even walk and to try to move the pain and costricting pain was terrible. I have not gone to the bathroom for awhile, and I do think that was part of the problem, but some of my drs just do not listen to me, if I do not take a laxative of some sort, and they tell me senekot being a vegetable laxative, will not hurt my bowel, I do not go. I am feeling now my bowel has become reliant on laxatives.

last week I took it on monday night, and the cramps kept me awak for 3 hours, and finally I did go, but it hurts to ave a bowel movement. People who do not ave this problem do not understand the terrible pain. For a lot of people it is just normal to go everyday. They do not understand my fear, My mother dies after an epeisode kind of a bowel obstruction, but I know now she had a different situatio. her bowel died, and te blood supply was cut off to her bowel, and the drs kept telling her it was the flu. Well she had 3 surgeries in 3 days 6 hours long, and we lost her. She was very ill and I know this. We did not know it then, she trusted her drs. WRONG!

Well we lost another family member, he was 70 years old, but he had a colonoscopy in June, and the dr DID tell him he could not get the scope in, and he did have a blockage, well he was told to see a surgeon, and he didn't. he got sicl on a Sunday, and they had to remove 7 inches of his bowel, but he had already develped an infection, they put a temporarycolostomy on him and gave him 48 hours and they would have to go back in, well 28 hours later they performed emergency urgery again, and he died he next night. Tis WAS a bowel obstruction that killed him

My feras a so real and strong, and I am extremely scared of ANYMORE surgery unless there is an obstruction, but when you have this happen in your family so many times, and crohns disease in your son and sister the fears are greater, I am scared, and very scared. Today I am feeling better, but I am convinced that I am ahving partial obstructions at times, do to the extreme pain I get at times. Do any of you understand this fear, or am I crazy?

I hope today finds you all happy, I am to the poit now where I do not even feel like going out too often, and that is not me. I guess I just want to feel good again, and time keeps going on. when is some one going to find a way to help us. Boy I did not expect this to be so long, sorry!

Love to all, Toni

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