Addendum to my last post to Gina

From: Christine M. Smith (
Thu Oct 21 12:54:56 1999

I think there are other things to consider concerning my doctor's opinion and your doctor's opinion (about operating just because of pain). My doctor was a general surgeon and yours was a gyn. You would think that because they are both MD's first before specialists they would think in a more general sense, but I think you really do have to consider the source. If my problem had been a lot of pelvic adhesions I'm not sure my general surgeon would've operated, which makes me wonder if a gyn would want to get too involved with bowels. In fact, someone on this forum said something about that. After my surgeon read the report which documented what I told him about the bowel adhesion I thought had reoccured because of the symptoms, he said he would first have to talk with my gyn who did the surgery. Not only that, the gyn ended up consulting at the surgery. I guess every situation is different.

Chris S.

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