Re: Appointment with my surgeon...let the testing begin!!!

From: Christine M. Smith (
Thu Oct 21 13:18:11 1999

At Wed, 20 Oct 1999, sherry wrote: >
>Ginny, Thanks so much for asking about my appointment. I could use some
>feed back. My symptoms at the moment are severe pain in middle to lower
>back, back spasms, loss of appetite, intermittent nausea and some
>belching. My bm's are slow and very thin. I rely on my mineral oil. I
>have had cramping in my back, which is new. My surgeon ordered a MRI of
>my back and spine. He said I may have more than one problem going on.
>In the last couple of months I have been in the hospital, to the urgent
>care facility and had a lot of tests. Due to the fact that I am not
>throwing up and I can still move my bowels I am OK with further tests. I
>am still scared. I know how sudden my bowel obstructions came on and I
>live in fear. I also have blood in my urine. I am at the point where I
>hope something shows up just so I know what I am up against. The pain
>has not let up at all and has been debilitating for about 7 or 8 days.
>Any words of advise or support would be much appreciated. Sherry

Hi Sherry: I am sorry you are going through so much pain but one encouraging thing is that your surgeon is willing to look for another cause that is adding to your pain problem. He could easily say to you "sorry, but I doubt this is the adhesions and therefore, is not my area of expertise." Or, by surgeon, do you mean gyn? In any case, you are lucky that your insurance allows it. I know you don't feel lucky. :<( The plus side of seeing many different doctors is that someone just might think of something new. The down side of course is the confusion and what I'm experiencing. I am very interested to know how, if your MRI doesn't show anything, your doctors explain how adhesions could be causing your severe back pain. The problems with MRIs though is that chances are high it will show *something* and then the question is, is that something responsble for your pain. Still, I am very interested because of my situation with my SI joint and the fact that I do/did have adhesions. I hope you get a solution to this new problem soon. When is your MRI?

Chris S.

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