Re: Addendum to my last post to Gina

From: Gina (
Fri Oct 22 09:07:50 1999

It seems all the Dr.'s want to refer me back to Gyn because he's the one who did the 2 surgeries that might have caused the new problems. Whether or not I have any female organs anymore (I don't) they keep wanting to send me bacj to Gyn--who has washed his hands of me and shoos me away every time I am forced back to see him. This is very frustrating! I disliked the gyn all along and look forward to the day when he's no longer a part of my life and recovery. Actually I am hoping to go around the gyn when I get my new doc, want to be sent to the general surgeons (that you mentioned in email) for a consultation since they do adhesiolysis :-) Gina

At Thu, 21 Oct 1999, Christine M. Smith wrote: >
>I think there are other things to consider concerning my doctor's
>opinion and your doctor's opinion (about operating just because of
>pain). My doctor was a general surgeon and yours was a gyn. You would
>think that because they are both MD's first before specialists they
>would think in a more general sense, but I think you really do have to
>consider the source. If my problem had been a lot of pelvic adhesions
>I'm not sure my general surgeon would've operated, which makes me wonder
>if a gyn would want to get too involved with bowels. In fact, someone
>on this forum said something about that. After my surgeon read the
>report which documented what I told him about the bowel adhesion I
>thought had reoccured because of the symptoms, he said he would first
>have to talk with my gyn who did the surgery. Not only that, the gyn
>ended up consulting at the surgery. I guess every situation is
>Chris S.

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