Re: scrubbig tubs

From: Gina (
Thu Oct 21 09:56:03 1999

Hi Toni, I feel bad about your pain and frustration. I hope you don't think I was making a joke out of it? I had hoped to make you smile a little? :-) I do know how you feel. I am going nuts with our house looking disgusting. I want to clean it but when I try it hurts too much. My hubby is tired of doing everything, it's been 2 months now since my 1st surgery and 5 weeks since the 2nd one and he's been great, but I am sure he's thinking, enough is enough! I hate asking him to do things for me. And lately he's calling me a wuss when I can't do something myself, like dish myself icecream. I never knew how many stomach muscles were involved in dishing out hard icecream! He wouldn't do it for me yesterday so I had to leave it out for half an hour til it melted! LOL So I can relate. I wish I could afford to pay a maid to come in and take care of it all but right now it's too disgusting to have even a maid come in and look at. At least to me. Sigh... Gina

At Wed, 20 Oct 1999, toni welsh wrote: >
>Hey Gina, that is what he tells me, but when I can I do it anyway. I
>cannot expect my husband to workand ake care of me and the house. I
>cannot stand to not be active, am even it bothers me. I would go nuts,
>I am always in pain now!

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