Colonoscopy report-Tina

From: Christine M. Smith (
Thu Oct 21 09:52:51 1999

Hi Tina: I found the colonscopy report while cleaning out my files. It was as I said, with no hint of any difficulties. There is no mention that additional meds had to be given. He notes "demerol 75 mg and versed 4 mg. were given" Is this the usual amount of meds given for this procedure? There is no indication that they any extra doses were given and he writes "she tolerated the examination well." I realize that there is probably also an anesthesia report for this procedure and the extra doses should be indicated on that. He also notes "digital rectal examination normal", "colonoscopy was successfully carried out to the terminal ileum. The entire area was normal with no evidence of crohn's disease or diverticular disease." "negative examination to the terminal ileum. No evidence of primary gastrointestinal disease. may need to consider laparoscopy." I guess he saw no indication for biopsy, even though crohn's can be on the microscopic level, I guess because there was no bleeding, occult or visible? Anyone reading this report would have no indication that there could possibly be difficulties (might not be if adhesiolysis was successful). Once again I will probably get that strange look if its ever necessary to bring it up. Another thing that I'm curious about. After my first lap I was aware of the OR nurse giving report to the Recovery Room nurse. She was explaining what was done and I heard her say (I was very much aware and not groggy) "we kept looking for the left ovary (which they never did find the first time) but she got a little _____ so we had to give up." I missed the actual word, I suspect it was some type of OR jargon. Naturally I was a little anxious about this at the time of the second lap so I questioned the surgeon. Once again, the strange look while he said "there's nothing to indicate in the OR report that there were any difficulties during the procedure." Do the anesthesiologists look at previous anesthesia/OR notes before each procedure? I have the actual reports but its just a bunch of numbers to me, with no interpretation of what they might mean. This is history, but still curious.

Chris S.

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