Re: Colonoscopy report-Tina

From: Tina Shelby (
Fri Oct 22 16:03:45 1999

Hi Chris -

The amount of demerol/versed for your colonoscopy is about how much is normally given. His report should reflect the total amount given - not just the inital dose. He should have done a biopsy regardless of the normal appearing colon. Some things can "look" normal but will show up microscopically on biopsy.

It is curious that the nurse made that comment about not being able to find your left ovary. Yes - anesthesiologists usually do look at previous aneshesia reports - they give him an idea what you had the previous times and if you had any trouble with the meds they used. Tell me - what was the 1st lap for - and what was done in the 2nd one? If the surgeon didn't document the findings at the time of the surgery - he most likely did not remember what problems were encountered. The anesthologist should have noted if you had problems such as your BP or pusle dropping. Get a medical friend to look at it for you - or - if you like - you can seen me a copy and I will look for you.

Let me know about the other surgeries as well.


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