pain meds

From: toni wesh (
Wed Oct 20 11:25:10 1999

the painclinicadmentined changinghe pan med oxycontin, 10 mgs 3 tims day, since the apin I ahve had is getting worse. And depression is getting alot worse. But they metioned methadone, and I thoughthis was pretty strong. I tought that oxycontin was strong enough, cause the second dose does make me pretty tired. The ain clinic does not even know sometimesthe hard sharp pains are gettng really bad. Seems like NOTHING will ever help the strong pulling pain that seems to be there EVERYDAY1 HY DOES THE PAIN MEDS NOT HELP THAT! I DID GO 30 HOURS ONE DAY NOTTAKING NOTHING. AND I COULD not even walk. sorry, I hate the new keybaord for web tv!

Love you all, toni

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