Re: pain meds

From: Denise Olson (
Wed Oct 20 23:03:02 1999

toni, as far as meds go. I take 60mgs of oxycontin in a 24hr period. As well as dillaudid 2-4mgs every four hours as needed for breakthru pain. For ememgency cases of pain the Dr. gave me 15mg morphine tabs. Now at first, when he mentioned methadone to me i was not happy with that idea-only because having worked in the chemical dependecy field as a counselor. Well to make it short i have worked with heroin addicts, and this is the med that they are given. Now i have seen the trauma some of my patients have gone thru when they tell there doc that they are in metadone tx. Lots of nieve doctors out there, very judgemental!!! I figured if they went thru that for being on addict and on the medication, what will I have to go thru? Now the effectiveness of methadone is very good in terms of long term coverage of pain. However, oxycontin,oramorph, and mcontin work just as well in my opinion. I have been on the pain patch, Duragesic I think its called as well. I think the key is finding a Dr. who will work with you and increase your dose as needed. My Dr. made it clear that he would work with me and get me stable. As far as any of the new procedures for adhesions, I have been told no more surgeries unless its an emergency. Denise in Seattle

At Wed, 20 Oct 1999, toni wesh wrote: >
>the painclinicadmentined changinghe pan med oxycontin, 10 mgs 3 tims
>day, since the apin I ahve had is getting worse. And depression is
>getting alot worse. But they metioned methadone, and I thoughthis was
>pretty strong. I tought that oxycontin was strong enough, cause the
>second dose does make me pretty tired. The ain clinic does not even
>know sometimesthe hard sharp pains are gettng really bad. Seems like
>NOTHING will ever help the strong pulling pain that seems to be there
>NOTTAKING NOTHING. AND I COULD not even walk. sorry, I hate the new
>keybaord for web tv!
>Love you all,

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