Merri Ellen/regarding exercise

From: Marilyn (
Tue Oct 19 14:22:24 1999

Yes, exercise can cause adhesions to act up. My doc told me that people think their intestines are just sitting there quietly, but that actually they are always moving and shifting when you are up and awake. When you exercise in the way we are all supposed to exercise, it starts the intestines moving around really fast! Obviously, when you have adhesions, you can see where this would lead to a problem.

One of the reasons that the doc always tells you to lie down and take it easy when you are in pain---is because he/she wants the colon (large and small bowel) to settle down, rest, and become as still as possible.

I love outdoor exercise, but have virtually given it up in the past decade. The only thing I do is to go to the golf driving range and slam those golf balls! (good therapy.) But even that always leaves me with a a small uncomfortable blockage later on. It's the bending over--- I have to BEND at the waist, to pick up the ball and place it on the tee, etc. I went to the range yesterday, but could feel it coming on after hitting only half a bucket---so I ended up giving the rest to the person next to me. Any repeated bending is a sure trouble starter for me.


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