Reply to Helen, Christine, Marilyn & new questions

From: Merri Ellen (
Tue Oct 19 07:26:59 1999

Thank you for your email and forum responses! I have never heard the word endo used in my past surgeries. My husband is on vacation this week and we plan on visiting the hospital to attain my surgery records. They will tell me more. My only memory of the adhesion surgeries was that my repro. organs were wrapped with coadhesive type adh. Each surgery I lost another part of an ovary or more extensive damage was done to other organs. Each cycle seemed to increase the pain dramatically. Finally...the hysterectomy option was proposed. Currently...can anyone share the place that exercise plays with adhesions? Due to being out of shape and over weight...I joined a health club and began a very conservative work out program. Walking, machines, swimming. It felt wonderful but then soon after, I found myself in this adhesion flare up condition. I have hesitated to share my health club activites because I don't want the doctors to poo-poo me off with a "pulled muscle" dx. I certainly know the difference between muscle and adhesion problems. Does anyone else need to curtail execise regime due to adhesions? This time around I have an uncomfortable sensation in my abdomen: I feel like my corset (muscles in my abdomen) is alternating between tied and untied. Everything feels loose, wavy, unconnected. Then it will tighten, producing a stabbing, strangle hold of intense pain. Either I don't remember this from before or this is something entirely different...please let me know if this is common. Thank you for your help and support!

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