Re: IBS/adhesions/surgical outcomes-Chris

From: Tina Shelby (
Mon Oct 18 16:18:20 1999

Hi Chris,

Most folks (at the clinic I worked and the colonoscopys I had) did not have the experience that your husband had - most are just like yours - no remembrance of the test at all. I have heard of horror stories where the patient was not sedated and went through the procedure without any meds whatsoever. Most swore they would never have the test done ever again for any reason. Most do not remember the test because they are given demerol/versed (if they aren't allergic) in their IV. Versed is an amnesic so the patient has no recollection of what was said or what they felt.

If the doc did not mention in the report that the procedure was difficult - it still may have been difficult and he didn't dictate it in the report. Some don't dictate the note immediately after the procedure but will wait and dictate several at a time. They tend to forget the specifics of the case though.

What your surgeon told you at your 2nd lap sound right. Most gyns don't want to deal with problems related to the bowel - just problems in the pelvis. I see why you doubt that your pain is being caused by adhesions. You would think that they would have caused you more problems much earlier than now. IT sounds like you thank your problem is more along the lines of IBD like crohns.

You are right about being able to see Crohns with a lap in severe cases where the outer layer is involved. It usually doesn't effect the outside part of the colon without the inside being strongly involved. Have you had a CT to see other parts of the bowel could be affected with Crohns?

A barium enema most definitely will show if the colon is not atonomically in the correct position. Maybe the next time you must have a colonscopy - get your husband to ask if it was difficult. I don't know for sure that a colonscopy will pick up on an incorrect position - you could tell the doc your concerns before the test - that way he will know that you are educated about your condition and are interested in more specific information.

Again - I am glad to be of help.


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