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From: Christine M. Smith (
Mon Oct 18 23:41:08 1999

At Mon, 18 Oct 1999, Tina Shelby wrote: >
>Hi Chris,
>Most folks (at the clinic I worked and the colonoscopys I had) did not have
>the experience that your husband had - most are just like yours - no
>remembrance of the test at all. I have heard of horror stories where the
>patient was not sedated and went through the procedure without any meds
>whatsoever. Most swore they would never have the test done ever again for
>any reason. Most do not remember the test because they are given
>demerol/versed (if they aren't allergic) in their IV. Versed is an amnesic
>so the patient has no recollection of what was said or what they felt.
>If the doc did not mention in the report that the procedure was difficult -
>it still may have been difficult and he didn't dictate it in the report.
>Some don't dictate the note immediately after the procedure but will wait
>and dictate several at a time. They tend to forget the specifics of the case
>What your surgeon told you at your 2nd lap sound right. Most gyns don't want
>to deal with problems related to the bowel - just problems in the pelvis. I
>see why you doubt that your pain is being caused by adhesions. You would
>think that they would have caused you more problems much earlier than now.
>IT sounds like you thank your problem is more along the lines of IBD like
>You are right about being able to see Crohns with a lap in severe cases
>where the outer layer is involved. It usually doesn't effect the outside
>part of the colon without the inside being strongly involved. Have you had a
>CT to see other parts of the bowel could be affected with Crohns?
>A barium enema most definitely will show if the colon is not atonomically in
>the correct position. Maybe the next time you must have a colonscopy - get
>your husband to ask if it was difficult. I don't know for sure that a
>colonscopy will pick up on an incorrect position - you could tell the doc
>your concerns before the test - that way he will know that you are educated
>about your condition and are interested in more specific information.
>Again - I am glad to be of help.

Hi Tina: Thanks again for your explanations. If I ever have to have another colonoscopy you can be sure I will grill the doctor about the position of my colon. He will be well aware of the possibility that it goes in the wrong direction first! I think I would ask to have it done by the colo-rectal surgeon, rather than the GI. I thought my husband also had versed and demerol but maybe he just had the demerol. I guess that would give you the strange detached feeling that he described. He said it was really weird. He was very anxious before the procedure (he had a vagal response during an office sigmoidoscopy)but he said it was nothing. This is what I went in expecting! The versed sure does work well. I wouldn't necessarily think that I had IBD because, except for a short episode in college, I have never had any digestive difficulties. But if I really do have SI joint inflammation (still undocumented) I do wonder about the IBD because I also have a lot of mouth inflammation. I had a few years of undiagnosed joint pain several years ago. I can't remember if I mentioned it in my posts or not, but I have also have abnormal immunoglobulins for at least 25 years. My IGG is elevated and the lab reported it the last time I had it done in May 99 as "chronic immune process." I have had this since college. When they did the subclasses years ago it was the one for viral antibodies that was elevated. It was just after a major virus in college that I had a 3 month period of intestinal problems and then the problem just went away. No, I have never had a CT Scan. They've come close to doing one several times but they always change their mind and do something else instead. Well, thanks again!

Chris S.

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