Re: List of Dr.'s by state?

From: Gina (
Sat Oct 16 10:51:25 1999

Hello Sue, Yes I would be interested in that information. Please email it to me when you get it. I tried to find a univ. hospital near me yesterday and there isn't one that is doing anything on this stuff. I am hoping I get a chance to find one before I end up in ER having emergency surgery. Thanks, Gina

At Fri, 15 Oct 1999, Sue Ann Murray wrote: >
>>At Thu, 14 Oct 1999, Gina wrote:
>>>To make a long story short, is there a list anywhere of Dr.'s and
>>>surgeons who specialize
>>>in adhesion prevention, repair, etc
>Gina, I don't know of any list, but I took part in a clinical trial of an
>adhesion prevention gel (Intergel) this summer which so far has worked very
>well with me. I think the trials are about over and Lifecore, the
>manufacturer has applied to the FDA for quick approval based on the results
>so far. It's actually already available in Europe and trials for laparotomy
>have been completed -- the trial I was in was for laparoscopy use. I know
>Lifecore has facilities in California where they were running the trial.
>Anyway, I was just thinking that they would have a list of who has
>participated in the trials and those doctors would have some experience in
>dealing with the adhesions and using the gel, if you're willing to wait for
>approval to be complete. The hospital where I had my trial (in Pittsburgh)
>is also participating in another trial for women who've had hysterectomies
>with another liquid (icodextrin) for the prevention of adhesions. I don't
>know as much about that one but if you're interested, let me know and I'll
>get you a phone number to call. That's a different company so I don't know
>if or where other participating hospitals might be. Obviously, the whole
>point of these trials is to prevent adhesions so there are definitely
>doctors interested in doing just that.
>Sue Ann

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