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From: Gina (
Sat Oct 16 10:55:44 1999

Hi, The same thing happened to me. I'm trying to find another doctor. I won't accept chronic pain diagnosis, and docs giving up on me, this soon after surgery (I am 4 weeks post-op). I will keep looking til I find someone who HEARS me and is honest with me, and is willing to try to help me. And if I had more energy I would be writing a slew of complaints about each Dr. I have seen who is a hypocrite to their hypocratic oath. Hugs, Gina

At Fri, 15 Oct 1999, Denise Campbell wrote: >
>I've been reading this forum for the last few months, but this is the
>first time I've posted. I'm almost 27 (in two weeks), in Ontario,
>Canada and after the last two months, so confused. In late June I was
>told by a doctor in the ER where I am, that the pain I'd been having all
>the time, but especially while trying to have a bowel movement and
>during that time of the month was due to adhesions that had formed after
>two prior abdominal surgeries. I was also told I had a partial bowel
>obstruction and put on laxatives. He then sent me to a General Surgeon.
>After looking at his report and doing an exam of my lower right side,
>she told me while there might be adheisions there, she didn't think the
>bowel was involved and sent me for a Barium Enema. That was two weeks
>ago and we got the results on Wednesday afternoon. The test showed no
>problems w/the bowel itself, but when I asked why there is so much pain
>down there, especially when I try to go to the bathroom, she told me
>adheisions are scar tissue that have no give and when they're attached
>to the bowel they keep the bowel from being as flexible as it normally
>is, therefore the pain. She then told me as far as the pain is I will
>just have to, "Grin and bear it.", then she wished me Good Luck and
>walked out the door. I'm so confused AND angry. I don't know what to
>do and the pain is getting worse by the day and it's also moved. When I
>tried to tell her this, she just kept on going like she never heard me.
>What is my next step or option. I can't sit straight or lie flat on my
>back in bed anymore and feel nauseous most of the time. Like I said, I
>really don't know what to do. Any suggestions or ideas would be
>greatly, greatly appreicated. Thanks in advance.

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