miracle? or What?

From: ddtmm (ddtmm@cci-29palms.com)
Mon Oct 11 14:38:02 1999

What is the chances of having severe adhesions and endometriosis with a socked in pelvis which had to be dissected, that surgery was on 6/22/98 continued severe pain, a diagnostic laparoscopic surgery was done 10/7/99 and nothing was found to be the cause of pain, no endo, no adhesions no nothing. My first diagnosic surgery was done 3 years ago nothing was found then but the pain continued to get worse, so another doctor did surgery 9 months later to find adhesions endometriosis and adenomyosis a TAH was done, the pain continued to get worse. So again surgery was done, 6/22/98 and Severe adhesions and endometriosis was found a BSO was done. The pain was releaved for several weeks but returned with vengeance for over a year I have tried to get a doctor to believe I was still in pain, I finely was sent to a pain clinic which was little help. Again An GYN finely said he would do surgery, that is the one done 10/7/99 and nothing was found to be the cause of this Pain. What now ? What can be causing this pain? I had a colonoscopy done 3 years ago with no findings. My doctor did not talk to me after surgery only my husband, I have a follow up appt. next monday. Is there any hope to finding out what is causing this pain? This is no way to live, I have seen over 50 doctors and still no help, is there any one doctor that I can see that can help solve my pain problem. How can it keep going from nothing to something to nothing again? Thanks, Denise

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