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From: Igor Gudymenko (
Tue Oct 12 03:55:01 1999

Dear Tina, you asked me some questions and I'll try to reply here.

> Thanks for telling us your story and I am glad you have found what works for
> you. I hope that someday we will all find what works for us as well.

I wrote just about UNIVERSAL(!) methods - suitable for everyone with any disease. So I can't say that they work just for me. I know a lot of people which had various diseases and used the same methods with success. :) I'm more than sure they will work for you too. I haven't mentioned about any certain or special method yet! :)

> I hope I don't come across as being totally illerate about these things but
> I really would like to more about them. From what I do know - I don't see
> anything here that would necessarily be of harm - it is my opinion that
> there has got to be a happy medium between conventional medicine as we know
> it and the natural/organic alternative treatments.

What "conventional medicine" does mean for an adhesion sufferer? New pharmaceutical remedies? Yes, just so. I have said that every adhesion sufferer has a liver failure or liver incompetence(insufficiency) at least. So why to poison ourselves if our livers are in really bad condition? :)

As for laparoscopy - I preferred slow and stable forward movement to backward one. Moreover preventive adhesion removal doesn't remove the reasons of adhesions. :)

So I found that I didn't need "happy medium between conventional medicine as we know it and the natural/organic alternative treatments" and thought just about health. In a couple of months I got my first reliable results and then I framed a plan of arrangements for further recovering and maintenance. Now I just carry out that plan and improve in health every month.

> You wrote:
>>These are names of most important things (basic topics):
>>1. World outlook and psychological state
> I am assuming that this step deals with maintaining a positive attitude and
> outlook. I know that there is power in positive thinking.

Exactly so. It's the clue topic. If a man doesn't recognize it the below points are absolutely useless. The more severe disease is the more work a man has to do to overcome it. If a man is ill it's a sign that's something wrong inside his mind. The first work is to rebuild own internal kernel. It means - to rebuild own personality structure. It's not easy but necessary for real curing.

>>1. Sleep, sufficient rest and normal day schedule
> If I am correct - this is mostly a common sense step and is self-explainatory.

Yes, it's well-known the best sleep is from 10:00 PM till 6:00 AM.

>>3. Physical activity
> What king of physical activity? High impact such as running or low impact
> such as walking. In my case the more I try to exercise the worse my pain
> gets - so obviously I avoid activities I know are going to cause me
> problems.

Physical exercises are absolutely necessary for any ill and for an adhesion sufferer especially.

> What kind of physical activity are you able to tolerate?

Personally I am able to tolerate any type of physical activity now. Absolutely all.

> 4. Cleanse procedures
> I'm not sure what you mean here - is this diet/vitamen related or are you
> talking about cleansing enemas/laxitaves?

Both "yes" and "no". Having understood the metabolism of our body we can find mostly "dirty" places of the organism and cleanse them thoroughly with effective natural methods.

> 5. Nutrition
> Are you talking about a special diet/vitamen suppliments or specially grown
> organic foods?

"Special"? Rather quite reverse - an usual simplest rough food. I certainly don't take a "garbage" like cola, alcohol, coffee, tea, canned food, cakes, ice-creams, candies, chocolate, yeast bread, pizzas, macaronis, souses, sauces, sandwiches, delicatessen, light-butter, etc.

> 6. Thermo-procedures and cold water affusion
> I don't know what you are talking about here - thermo meaning heat
> procedures?

Yes, you're right. Hot-water bathes, sauna or vapour-bath.

> and what is water affusion?

Water is as cold as possible and: 1. put your hands and feet into it for a short time (from 15 sec till 1 min). 2. rub your trunk with a cold wet patch. 3. pour out a pailful (more than 8-10 ltr) of cold water on your head. 4. jump into a air-hole for a moment in winter, then jump out and rub the body with 5. etc. :) You can also use snow for point 2.

Hope you know effect of above procedures.

> 7. Auto-massage
> What areas of the body do you massage - are you using any special techniques?

Any place. :) But if seriously about an adhesion sufferer - abdomen area of course. The best is - when you don't use hands for it. Usual Uddiyana Bandha - I don't know the better exercise for that area.

As for acupuncture and acupressure, I know about theirs effect but I don't find a place in my system for them. I prefer much more simple and reliable methods.

> 8. Herbotherapy
> Specifically - which herbs and what are their effects?

Hope you understand that there are no "anti-adhesion" or "anti-endometrioma" herb or other disease-specific herbs. There are some tens of types of medicative plants. Besides each herb has certain complex of some features. Herbs are only are helpers but not healers.

It's too hard to explain this topic in the nutshell. Personally I prepare and drink now a potion of 14 herbs but this summer I had to prepare a mixture of 20 herbs. And every herb has certain sense in it. I don't use any rare or "modern" herbs. They're common for my region and as I know most of them are available in US too.

> 9. Healing breathing
> Are you talking about closed eye - pursed lips - deep breathing in through
> the nose out through the mouth? When do you do this and how does it help?

No, no. :) Healing breathing is not one procedure too. There are some breathing exercises and you can do it at any time in any place and even in any pose.

> I really would like to more about them.

Frankly, I can tell about each above topic for a long time. :) So if you need more info write me privately.

With Love, Igor Gudymenko

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