Re: Chris...How have you been feeling since you got back?-Ginny

From: Christine M. Smith (
Mon Oct 11 19:53:51 1999

At Mon, 11 Oct 1999, Ginny King wrote: >
>Hi Chris,
>I did not get your email. I have missed a few days at work as my mother
>in law passed away last week, and we did get new computers at the office
>so we had some down time so it may have gotten "lost". I am
>hypoglycemic so when I drink the juice I make sure and have a protien as
>well. So far I have been able to balance it pretty well. I know what
>you mean about the doctors. I had my appointment with the pain
>management doctor today. I guess I had the wrong impression about how
>they work because I thought they were going to work with me on the
>emotional level of dealing with the pain as well as the physical. They
>had told me to expect about a three hour appointment. Well, he made me
>wait an hour then spent less than fifteen minutes with me. He said that
>he only really deals with pain from skeletal disorders and referred me
>back to the gi. I thought they dealt with all sorts of disorders.
>Anyway, I guess I'm stupid, at least thats how I felt when I left. My
>work email is and home is
> The later goes to my husbands office first
>and then he forwards them home (sometimes he forgets to do this. I
>guess the high protien/fat diet is the basis behind Atkin's and The Zone
>diets. Heard they were bad for you, but funny that you can feel better
>when you eat this way?! Take care, Ginny
>>>Ginny King

Hi Ginny: My experience with the pain clinic was not as I expected either. If only I knew ahead of time what was going to happen I would have known what questions to ask my pcp!!!! I was under the impression that the pain clinic would be treating me. At the visit I found out No, they only made "recommendations" and it was up to my pcp to follow through with those he wanted to follow. This was a big surprise.I'm not sure I would have agreed to the visit had I known this. Let's just say it was a learning experience. The pain clinic doctor recommended manipulations by a DO (the pain clinic doctor was a DO ) What do you think the chances are that an MD is going to refer to a DO. Zero, in my opinion. Another gripe I have is that what the pain clinic doctor told me sounded completely different than his written report. At the visit he mentioned "psychological evaluation" last. In his written report it was one of the first things he mentioned. At the visit he recommended "one of the new antiinflammatories such as celebrex" and in his written report he made no mention of this. (I learned this after I badgered my pcp for celebrex) I told my pcp I was not happy with the written report (Which I had obtained on my own) However, the pain clinic doctor did say that the findings on the MRI could very well be consistent with my physical complaints. The pcp downplayed the MRI results. The visit also lasted longer than 15 minutes . It was at least an hour (for which I was charged over $300 and my insurance company would not pay the last $127 because the fee was what they considered over and above customary, not unusual for anesthesiologists.) So I paid $127 to find out I should take celebrex and that my MRI was not normal. The pain clinic doctor was very nice and seemed understanding and yes, most of his experience seemed to be with skeletal complaints. (which is what you'd expect from a DO) In fact, he said that he wasn't even going to think of any other possibility because he was convinced that "the best in town had already thoroughly explored that possibility." The Atkins diet has been around for ages. I knew it was high protein but I didn't know it was also high fat. I hear a lot of the nurses talking about the Zone. One in particular has lost over 25 pounds on it. I am wondering what her cholesterol is! I know a doctor (ENT surgeon) who raves about the Zone. My pcp didn't have much of an opinion. I'm sure you feel better on the high protein because of the long term energy it gives you, keeps your blood sugar level, etc. Not sure about the high fat. I know fatty foods are satisfying. Interesting!

Chris S.

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