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From: toni welsh (
Mon Oct 11 18:05:08 1999

At Fri, 8 Oct 1999, Deedra Climer wrote: >
>Hello everyone. I am new at this whole internet thing....was very
>suprised to find so much info out there on a problem I had thought was
>mine. I am 32 yo, hx of pid & gallbladder surgery. I was diagnosed
>with p.a. 4 years ago when my ob/gyn told me that they are so extensive
>that my only option is hysterectomy. One tube and ovary are adhered to
>my bowel, the other tube and ovary are "totally obliterated". After
>finding mucous (sp)and blood in my stool and having increased bloating
>and pain, I went to the doctor yesterday and he has blown me off and
>sent me to a gastro. I guess a gastro could be helpful in determining
>if there is any obstruction. I am bummed. The ob/gyn says that there
>is a good chance of a colostomy if he tried to remove the adhesions from
>my bowels. Doesn't sound like fun to me. Anyone have any thoughts on
>this? Has anyone else been told that hysterectomy is the only option?

Hello, I have very dens and thick adhesions all over mybowels, and my dr. never has ever said anything like colostomy, my 34 year old sister has one, but she has severe case ofcrohn's disease, and after 10 yeAR of being very sick, they had to do one 2 years ago. I hope you got confused with colonoscopy, my drs found a real mess when he went in last year, and he tried to do a laparoscpy after 4 months after lapartomy, and he could not get in. He did tell e I am the worst he has seen as rapid and as mant adhesions had grown after a short period of time. And the longer i go it seems like the pelvic area is getting worse everyday gets wors, the pelvic area and even my legs are so tight, and the weird pains do not go away, te pulling and burning, and now I have been having hard pains that hurt in the right side, and he said the bowels are probably all on the right side. It has been long enough, I hope they can help us soo. SORRY SO LONG, was depressed pretty much tonight!


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