Re: I'm a newcomer

From: Deedra Climer (
Mon Oct 11 12:31:33 1999

Wow.... I have to say that after reading the archives on this forum that I feel like I have not had a full understanding of what it means to have pelvic adhesions. I was angry because the gyn told me that hysterectomy was my only option for pain relief. It looks like there is a really good chance that even with hyst, lots of people still have pain. That is really scary. On a 1-10 scale, my pain is probably a 4 about 70% of the time, and 9-10 about 5% of the time. It sounds like there are people out there really suffering most of the time. My gi appointment is tomorrow. Can someone clue me in on how diet has increased pain? I hadn't connected the two yet. The only thing that I know for sure increased the frequency/intensity of my pain is sex (I've been to the ER for Demerol a couple of times).

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