Re: Chris...How have you been feeling since you got back?

From: Christine M. Smith (
Sun Oct 10 23:33:05 1999

At Sun, 10 Oct 1999, Ginny King wrote: >
>Hi Chris,
>I was wondering how you have been feeling now that you have been home
>for awhile. I know sometimes long trips can be hard to recover from.
>Did you continue to take the Celebrex while you were on your trip? I
>have had the same experience as you when I've been on a low fiber, high
>fat and protien diet. Not something that I would recommend and my
>doctors would kill me, but why do we sometimes feel better when thats
>what we are eating? For me I guess it could be because thats what I tend
>to eat when I'm on vacation, and its the reduction in stress as opposed
>to the actual diet. But I still find it curious. Anyway, glad you had
>a good time. Ginny
>Ginny King

Hi Ginny: I had written you a private e-mail, don't know if it was your home address or work, don't know the difference but since I haven't heard from you, I am assuming you never got it. No, I didn't take the celebrex while on vacation although I had it with me. I told my pcp (I saw him a few days after I returned) about my vacation diet and he laughed. I felt quite well while away and it couldn't have been because of a reduction in stress because it certainly wasn't stress free. All I can think of is the diet-I ate about 2 tomatoes and a glass of orange juice every am for 2 weeks-that's it for fruits and veggies. Oh, a couple of bananas too. Can you believe that? I'm not sure why it helps. Fat is supposed to be hard to digest. Protein is good for regulating blood sugar, that I know. I also did a ton of walking. Since returning I have had a return of about the same pain I had before I left. Not bad, but I definitely know there is a problem. I keep thinking of starting the celebrex again. My pcp has advised me to wait and see what happens-to treat the crises as they come up. He knows that I am not too happy with this. I'm not sure what I'm going to do, but since I don't feel too bad, I'll probably just hang in there for awhile. I'm really sick of seeing doctors. In fact, I'm seriously considering seeing the nurse practioner at the gyn next time around. Why not? Seeing doctors hasn't done me any good. I read your posts about fiber and juicing-interesting. As you said, people with hypoglycemia problems could have a problem with this as the juice is quickly absorbed, causing a rapid rise in blood sugar, which causes the body to put out a surge of insulin, which then can make the blood sugar plummet, causing hypoglycemic symptoms. I read that eating fruit (with the fiber, rather than juice) causes a much more even absorption. So what do you do if you have IBD AND hypoglycemic or lipid problems (another situation where more fiber is better)?

chris s.

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