trying to get through this for now

From: toni welsh (
Mon Oct 11 14:02:37 1999

Hi everyone,

How are you all doing today have not been out of the house alot lately, very depressed as to how my lie has chaged over all of this. Yes Ginny, I take one called trazadone, very sedating, so I do sleep better. As far as the pain I have had, I cannot believe I hardly have any good days where I do not cry a few times a day, tryig to wash floors is killing me, and the only option now is for my gyn and the general surgeon he discussed my case with would go and and wrap the bowel with seprafilm, and they told me there is STILL no guarantees with that. So I saw my gyn friday, just for an infection, and he said to hang i there, he knows they are trying to get this on market and approved, I d not know which one he is speaking f, but I would think intergel. Is that the nly one they got?

well dinner time for me is coming soon, have to feed the men!


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