Re: ginny.....crohn,s

From: toni welsh (
Sat Oct 9 19:03:02 1999

At Fri, 1 Oct 1999, Ginny King wrote: >
>Hi Toni,
>I take Asacol as well. I have not had the inflammatory problems that I
>had in the past so I think it is working. It does not of course help
>the pain from adhesions. I am sorry to hear that you have such a
>history of Crohn's in the family. They suspect that it can be passed on
>through the family or caused by an overwhelming infection (which is what
>they think in my case) I will root for the Reds to make the wild card
>spot just for you. Take care. Ginny
>At Thu, 30 Sep 1999, toni welsh wrote:
>>You know the gyn I go to is amazed that my sister has crohns, and she
>>had to have a permanent colostomy because her doctors were WRONG! An on
>>top of that my 23 years old son was diagnoed with IBD, and the dr told
>>me his pathology reports had pointe to both ulcerative colitis and
>>crohns. He has no trouble righ now nad he only takes one drug, and it
>>is GREAT he takes 2400 mgs of Asacol a day for the rest of his life, I
>>worry about him terribly!

hello, have not had time to be here lately, but missed yu all. I worry alot of what kind of problems my son may have, but he has done rally well on Asacol, and I was told by my GI dr, he is taking the best drug.

Thinks for me are ot going all that good anymore, I am still crying everyday even taking all the meds I do, I saw pain dr. Tuesday, and I told het that I cannot believe the pulling pain never goes away, and now I am having alot of hard pains, that only last for a few minutes, but really hurt alot today. It has been a week since I have had a cigarette, and this time I am determinrd to quit, if I do have the nextsurgery, my lungs could not have taken it, the last 2 surgeries they had ro keep me on oxygen for 2 days, and I am not used to that. still keeping as busy as i can, and are disappointed for the Reds, but they still had a GREAT YEAR, cinti was proud of them. They will be back next year for underdogs, and such a young team, wait til they are veterans. Tank you my son is doing great, and he has met a beautiful girl, thay he has falle for and I love her dearly!


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