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From: Ginny King (
Sun Oct 10 10:47:24 1999

Hi Toni, I'm sorry to hear you are still in so much pain. Congrats on trying to quit smoking. Keep it up. I know it is hard, made worse when you feel so bad, but in the long run it will be good for you. I'm still having good luck with the Asacol as well. I am sorry about the Reds. I was hoping they would make it, but there is always next year. Are any of the meds you are on an antidepressant? If not, you may want to consider one as they can sometimes help with the pain as well the depression. If you are on one, sometimes the dosage needs to be adjusted or a different type may need to be used. I know when I was on Zolof I felt worse, more agitated and depressed with no pain relief, but since they changed me to Remeron, I have been much better. The worse side effect of the Remeron is weight gain, but with the Crohn's I have not felt like eating much, so this has not been too bad a problem for me. Take care and God bless. Ginny >
>Thinks for me are ot going all that good anymore, I am still crying
>everyday even taking all the meds I do, I saw pain dr. Tuesday, and I
>told het that I cannot believe the pulling pain never goes away, and now
>I am having alot of hard pains, that only last for a few minutes, but
>really hurt alot today. It has been a week since I have had a
>cigarette, and this time I am determinrd to quit, if I do have the
>nextsurgery, my lungs could not have taken it, the last 2 surgeries they
>had ro keep me on oxygen for 2 days, and I am not used to that. still
>keeping as busy as i can, and are disappointed for the Reds, but they
>still had a GREAT YEAR, cinti was proud of them. They will be back next
>year for underdogs, and such a young team, wait til they are veterans.
>Tank you my son is doing great, and he has met a beautiful girl, thay he
>has falle for and I love her dearly!

Ginny King

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