From: Robin (
Thu Oct 7 09:36:15 1999

Hi guys, went to the Dr. as suggested, he poo-hooed me off saying he didn't want to pursue anything until it affects my day-to-day life (like having to lie down because of the pain doesn't affect my day-to-day life). Anyway, he did an ultrasound (which I have read doesn't usually show anything), of course it didn't show anything. I asked "I guess I'm supposed to live with it?" He said no of course not - let's see how it goes - let's keep in touch. SOOO - I will move on and try to keep a positive attitude - try not to focus so much on the pain and do what I want when I want (if I can). I love reading ya'll - I check in every day to see how you all are feeling and what your doctors are telling you. I don't have as many problems as some of you do but I can sympathize with your feelings. Anyway, any of you have problems with endometriosis coming back after surgery removing it? (Total hysto.)? Hope ya'll are well. Robin

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