Re: Gail

From: randy and gloria mcdonald (
Thu Oct 7 08:48:18 1999

Hi Gail I just wanted to comment that if your adhesions are causing some bowel problems and you get to the point where you are vomiting, please don't take this overly lightly. Once I start to vomit I become severly dehydrated very quickly. My doctor gave my a layman's explanation, that when my bowel stops working because of an adhesion, it also stop extracting the fluids I need, and once I start vomiting, dehydration sets in quickly. I doesn't sound like yours goes to full obstruction, but if you aren't having any bowel sounds during these attacks, please be cautious.


> I am new to this forum and wanted to thank Marilyn for the advice she
> gave regarding bowel obstructions. I had a complete hysterectomy in Jan
> 98. A few months later, I started having problems with adhesions.
> Approx. every 6-8 weeks I start getting abdominal pain and by the time
> I go to bed it's severe and I throw up several times in the night. I
> ache the next few days and can't wear pantyhose or anything binding. It
> does go away, but I'm always wondering when it will come back. My dr
> sent me to the surgeon who assisted my gynecologist and he did several
> tests and found nothing. Neither know what to do with me, but my family
> dr said he could put me in the hospital on IV's if it's bad enough. He
> agrees that more surgery to remove adhesions may cause more problems for
> me. Since I'm feel fine in between these attacks, no one understands my
> pain or what I'm going through with this. I had Ovarian Cancer and had
> precautionary chemo, and I thank God it was caught early and I am alive,
> but I wish I could get rid of the pain and vomiting. I am so glad I
> found this forum and know that there are so many other people that have
> similar problems to mine and can relate to me.
> --
> Gail

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