Re: Adhesions?

From: Michele (
Thu Oct 7 12:45:20 1999

Robin- Yes, I have 2 pathology reports that confirm that I did have endo after having a total hysterectomy. An ultrasound picked up an ovarian remnant which was producing natural estrogen. It took 2 surgeries to get it removed. I went to an excision specialist. What we've been learning is that endometriosis cells don't get destroyed enough with laser ablation (burning, cauterization). Excision is removal via cutting or using a YAG laser that removes the linings. Endometriosis can cover huge areas of the pelvis (as well as other organs). Excision can deal with these large areas and save the ovaries. So, if a doctor has been surgically burning it, they frequently leave residual disease behind. Repetitive surgeries, together with disease being left behind contribute to adhesion formation. Endo can be clear, brown,...and some surgeons are not skilled to recognize that. My entire left peritoneal lining was removed. There were no classic powder burn marks. The tissue can look fatty and yellowish from persistent endo. The pathology report showed endo cells all over the lining--not just in small areas.

Removing organs doesn't address adhesion issues. One physician said that the body does not like to be a vacuum. When organs of that magnitude are taken out, the body tends to attempt to fill in the spaces with fluid and sometimes adhesions. I thought that was an interesting perspective. Abdominal hyst can make adhesions worse if you are an "adhesion grower" from all I've read. Adhesions don't show on ultrasound. Maybe the doctor was looking for ovarian tissue.

I saw Dr. David Redwine on the West coast. Dr. Albee is in Atlanta, Dr. Reich in PA, NY...Let me know if you would like websites. It's been 2 yrs. The lining grew back and is now normal tissue. But, I still have adhesions and they do cause pain.

Hope you find a great doctor!! Well wishes to you.


At Thu, 7 Oct 1999, Robin wrote: > >Hi guys, went to the Dr. as suggested, he poo-hooed me off saying he >didn't want to pursue anything until it affects my day-to-day life (like >having to lie down because of the pain doesn't affect my day-to-day >life). Anyway, he did an ultrasound (which I have read doesn't usually >show anything), of course it didn't show anything. I asked "I guess I'm >supposed to live with it?" He said no of course not - let's see how it >goes - let's keep in touch. SOOO - I will move on and try to keep a >positive attitude - try not to focus so much on the pain and do what I >want when I want (if I can). I love reading ya'll - I check in every >day to see how you all are feeling and what your doctors are telling >you. I don't have as many problems as some of you do but I can >sympathize with your feelings. Anyway, any of you have problems with >endometriosis coming back after surgery removing it? (Total hysto.)? >Hope ya'll are well. Robin

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