Re: back from the doctor today

From: Michele (
Thu Oct 7 02:48:44 1999

You have been through so much. So many laxatives. I don't have a bowel obstruction, but I hope very much that this new adhesion gel provides you with relief. I have a cat who has a catnip toy that's a doc. White coat and all. In the past, there were times I truly enjoyed watching kitty play "bat the doc"! Actually, I believe there are good doctors out there. It's the sour grapes that make it tough.

With Hope that you have better days ahead,


At Wed, 6 Oct 1999, teresa hunt wrote: > >HI folks, I just got back from the gyn today. Traveled 100 miles >at the request of the GI doc. The GI told me the adhesions were back >and need to be removed. He felt since the gyn removed the adhesions before >and knew what was what in there he should do it again. The gyn >agreed with him over the phone. But his nurse told me otherwise. I seen >his associate today. He told me, "I healed well from the surgery from 7 >weeks ago and there was nothing more they could do. It was ALL bowel >related and the GI should handle it all now they were gyn and it wasn't >their territory." Imagine that! SO, now that I have been "PING PONGED back >forth between doctors and still NOTHING is really being done. WHAT DO I >DO?????? The gyn wants me to go a liquid diet and start taking the librax >again. The GI didn't want me to take because it constipates too. I am >taking percocet. In the last 3 weeks I have taken OVER 120 laxatives/stool >softeners (per GI's orders). Still can't hardly go with crying. By the >time we got to the doctors office I was in tears and could hardly walk. As >I type this I am doubled up. I would be if I was in the bed. I might as >well be productive. I am not one who sits still. I am going NUTS! The GI >doctor seems as though he wants to make me better (that's why he sent me >back to the gyn), Who knows??? I have an appointment with him in the >morning. Thanks for listening to me again... you all are so supportive and >you just don't realize how must I look forward to reading the posts. It give >some light that something can be done. By the way no mention of "the new >gel to be approved this month". >Thanks again... I ramble tooooo much. Teresa Hunt

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