What are the things that make you feel better? :-)

From: Michele (woobie@telebot.com)
Thu Oct 7 02:20:26 1999

I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share what makes you feel better. These are things outside the clinical arena. I always find it very helpful for me. I realize that adhesion sufferers are not exclusively endometriosis patients, but on those boards we've asked this question and had a really good time learning the creative things that made us feel better...just the smallest things.

So, these are a few of my favorite things to do when I am uncomfortable.

I love gardening. "In dirt we trust." LOL!! I feel relaxed in the garden. I love flowers and gardening books. Sometimes, I'll go and buy flowers on sale and in the evening listen to music and stare at the flowers.

Potpourri, I like the smell of the stuff.

I like early walks, and old Alfred Hitchcock movies. If that's on the TV, I can tune out and it helps me forget about pain.

This is my favorite time of year...Autumn. I like taking drives when the leaves turn.

I took a trip to Kauai last Dec. Sometimes, I use imagry(sp) and I can remember how it felt to put my feet in the water at sunrise and the way the sand and wind felt. That was so great. The water was so warm.

I don't mean to sound silly. These things just work for me sometimes.

Good Evening from the West Coast.


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