Re: sponse to Igor's story

From: Ginny King (
Wed Oct 6 20:01:21 1999

I wanted to clarify my opinion on a few things regarding Igor's earlier post and most recent story. I do not have a problem with the therapy that Igor has found to work for himself or that he wants to shares those with others whether I agree with him or not. In detailing his lifestyle changes there are items that may work for others and some that may not. Most of his ideas are very similar to those I have read by Dr. Weil in "Spontaneous Healing". My problem was with one particular post that did not detail what he was doing "right" for himself but seemed to be harsh in telling us what we were doing "wrong". As he was new to the forum, there was no previous history for some of us understand where he was coming from. There are too many different factors in each of our cases to have one right or wrong answer. I understand language barriers but Igor, you have the ability to speak very eloquently at times as in your follow up post, but I found it lacking in the afore mentioned post. Anyway, bygones. And Chris, welcome back. Take care. Ginny

At Wed, 6 Oct 1999, Christine M. Smith wrote: >
>I just read Igor's story and yes, I believe he has had a lot of trouble
>from what sounds like bowel adhesions. I would like to comment on one
>thing that he said-that people of olden times were *healthy*. I would
>like to change that to *some* people of olden times were healthy, the
>others were sickly and died, often very young. (survival of the
>fittest) Many suffered for years with ailments that are quickly treated
>in modern times but at that time the technology and knowledge were not
>available. People dealt with it because it is all they knew. I do not
>consider these the "good old days" that we sometimes nostalgically yearn
>There will be some who are interested in Igor's natural healing. I'm
>sure some of it could be used wisely along with conventional medical
>treatment but I also believe some of it is dangerous. (when used to
>replace conventional treatment) But this is just my opinion and there
>will be many who disagree. Since this is an adhesion forum, Igor has
>the right to post his opinion on treatments and those that want to
>challenge him, can.
>Chris S.

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