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From: RSH4799 (
Sun Oct 3 06:38:39 1999

Thankyou for the reply Igor. This forum is primarily supported by average people like myself and my wife. Not average in having medical problems but average in society. Very few comments here are from doctors and specialists. The people contributing are merely pooling their feelings, thoughts and knowledge in order to support one another because of the nature of the problems. If doctors and researchers are here it is because of there desire to help and increase their knowledge and understanding of the HUMAN side of medical care. I believe they read more then actually post comments.

What you say about the media or prevailing spirit of our "modern society" is true. I choose not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. I would never have found Dr. Wiseman(forum), a surgeon my wife was able to contact, the information about her medical condition, and insight into her feelings as a person and suffering human being.

People are very complex, and their needs have to be addressed individually with compassion and understanding.

Some things work for some people. Healing is an art. Sometimes the artists need to practice more on technique.

My feelings are that medicine(and alternative medicine) has become BIG BUSINESS and that has become a problem to itself.

You, Igor have made some very broad statements which indicate to me a narrow or isolated view of many medical practices which have actually helped, cured and restored people to health. If you have geniune helpful experiences, it would be better to express them in a non judgemental way. I still am interested in what you have learned. E-Mail me at

I do appreciate your viewpoint. I have met other people similiar to you in the past.

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