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From: Igor Gudymenko (
Sun Oct 3 04:14:47 1999

Hello friends, I was asked: > So tell us Igor, what has been your key factors in restoring
> your health?
> I am very interested.

and so on. But at first I'd like to talk to you about one very strange and dangerous tendency at adhesion forum. Sometimes I think that this forum is a discussion group of gastrointestinal and gynecological surgeons. Nearly every member tries to use a lot of medical terms, discuss various techniques of operations and other surgery problems, efficiency of pharmaceutical remedies, etc. It seems that most members are experienced surgeons with numerous successful operations.

When do we stop playing medical games and face to your trouble directly? :)

Adhesions is very dangerous health problem. It's danger is equal to Crohn's disease, pemphigus, benign and malignant tumours, cerebral thrombosis, etc. I call here officially incurable diseases which usually cause DEATH. But modern medicine gives us a chance to delay our death and to think about our life-style, about our habits, our world outlook and world perception. If we are getting other people, if we change ourselves so our destiny gives us new chance. If we ignore that chance so we would got disable persons (if to say more simple - cripples) or die. :(

I have written: > At first I refused all drugs and medicine

but before that I had refused all UNNECESSARY INFORMATION. I reduced all input as much as possible. I stopped reading papers and magazines, watching TV, listening to radio, especially I excluded any ads pressure - avoided it at all. I excluded ALL DESTRUCTIVE MEDICAL INFO like medical statistics, "new" and "perspective" methods and drugs descriptions, etc. I didn't see my docs at all there. Modern society forces you to consume a mass of waste info and waste goods. So I could avoid empty emotions and concentrate on internal reserves of my own soul and body. I'd recommend you for the first time to decrease as much as possible or even AVOID(!) reading papers and magazines, watching TV, listening to radio, Web navigation, to be among sick people, unnecessary shopping, crowdy places, visiting cinema and games, hearing any music, especially unnecessary docs visiting(!), etc. Try to INCREASE alone morning and evening walking, to hear real nature sounds - not recorded(!) but ALIVE, to be among healthy people, listen to positive examples of any disease treatment. It begins to clear your mind out of mental "garbage" and gains your strength and self-reliance.

Several times I used word "natural". Let's look around. It seems that word expressions like "natural healing", "natural health", "natural medicine" and other "naturals"/"naturo'es" are the most valuable franchise brands in the "health" market today. As for popular abbreviations like CD, IBS, IBD, GERD, etc., I think it a real paradise for small and large sharks. Unfortunately that word loses it's primary sense now. :( Some of my words seem quite strange. I'm not a "kind man" from naturopathic ads which sells rare African or Chinese herbs and try to puncture your ear with a titanium needle and cries loudly that his method is best since he uses best, purest, strongest and other most'es. Personally I don't use any "best" or "high" things, just "usual" and "common" ones. I know they are much more efficient. :)

My knowledge and experience of health are really large and if someone wants to continue above conversation or discuss certain methods like clearances or diets let me know and I'll share with you of course.

By the way, recently I saw some thoughts at the forum about chiropractic and nerve blocks. As I know both are too dangerous. The first one is not safe for your future and future of your children and descendants and the second stops normal abdominal innervation. :(

Best regards, Igor Gudymenko

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