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From: teresa hunt (
Fri Oct 1 21:17:19 1999

Toni, I am not sure if this is the gel that my gyn was refering to as coming out in October or not. I get a news letter from "Doctor's Guide", it had an article about adhesions and a new "solution that may prevent adhesions from coming back". Anybody that wants to check it out the address is: or look up I don't know. I'll find out Wednesday when I go see him. Yesterday was a bad day for me. My daughter doesn't understand WHY I feel so bad all the time. But she ALWAYS wants to leave her 15 daughter with me. Don't get me wrong I absolutely LOVE my grandaughter and cherise all the time I spend with her, but sometimes I just can't go anymore and need to lay down. My best friend (who has adhesions and refered to you great people talked to her and tried to explain. Who knows maybe it worked) I'll let ya know. Thanks Teresa

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>Date: Fri, 1 Oct 1999 09:26:18 -0500
>At Wed, 29 Sep 1999, crm wrote:
> >
> >Toni, I have wanted to say I am glad you are getting out doing things. I
> >wanted to know something. You said you have IBS and I do to but I
> >really never had problems with it until this last surgery, I was
> >wondering if you are having problems like me. I have pain with bowel
> >movements, when I have gas you can feel it, it is almost like a baby
> >kicking but a more painful, and gas pains double me up. I never had any
> >problems like this before and it is all painful, I even watch the foods
> >I eat and still seem to have problems. I am going to get the referral
> >back tomorrow, I take it to the military and then from there they decide
> >if they can do the surgery, the last time I talked to them they said
> >most likely i would have to have an abdmonal surgery because I have had
> >both my surgeries that way but I am stilling hoping that I can have a
> >lap. I am worried.....I will write tomorrow and let you know about the
> >referral.....
>alot of thos troubles are exatly like I get, alot of times I have
>suchthick adhesions, when I have gas I can actually feel it get stuck,
>and then I have hard pains. I have had IBS since my hysterectomy 5
>years ago. The attack are awful, right now I ma in pretty much pain and
>the oxycontin really does not help fully, like I said I can function.
>I know the drs cannot do a lap on me, whe they ever do come out with a
>new barrie that wors, and then ca quarentee it more, then I am ready,
>but scared to death to go in again. Keep me informed, my reds lost
>their gsme last, night so we may have to return our playoff tickets. I
>do not go anywhere anymore, do not feel like evne driving. I am getting
>depressed, so if the win the division, I have never been to a playoff

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