Re: Teresa

From: Peggy (
Thu Sep 30 07:20:16 1999

At Wed, 29 Sep 1999, teresa hunt wrote: >
>Hi Peggy, I haven't heard back from her yet I need to email her again
>myself. No I haven't had a hysterectomy. I had an ablation 3 years ago,
>but I have had both tubes removed and one ovary. My granddaughter's other
>grandmother amoung other people(less any doctors) feels I should have a
>hysterectomy it's ok by me. Had I known I was gonna have all this trouble I
>would have had it done instead of the ablation in the first place. I don't
>care now if they take it all out now. Good luck, Teresa

Hi Teresa,I did hear from Jennifer the other day and she told me that she thought that she had responded to my e-mail .She would like to speak to me on the telephone and asked what would be the best time to reach me,I told her after 6:00 pm and she responded back and told me that she would be gone by 6:00 then I e-mailed her back and told her 4:30 pm and have not heard back from her.I then e-mailed her again and told her that she could call me around 1:00 pm ,What I do is childcare for neices and nephews and the younger one goes down for a nap at 12:30.Don't ask me how I have managed to care for these children with all that I have been going through.It has been tough,but when you do it for family they seem to have very little understanding about needing time off.My sister-in-law and brother-in-law were complaining about having to take so much time off before I started going to pain management,Well excuse me for not feeling well.I am trying to get away from doing childcare .it really is diffacult having to watch children when you are in so much pain and being on all the meds.I hope by next September that I will no longer be doing chilcare.Some famolies do not appreciatte what we do and for how little we do it for.Sorry for going on like this.I am switching pain management Drs. due to the fact that the one that I am seeing now is not very caring or compassionaite.And he is very arrogant.Thanks for listening."FRIENDS THAT STICK TOGETHER" PEGGY

>>From: (Peggy)
>>To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS <>
>>Subject: Teresa
>>Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 11:57:13 -0500
>>Hi Teresa,I sent Jennifer 2 more e-mails in the past 4 days and I heard
>>from her this morning.Thanks for the advice on trying to keep e-mailing
>>her.She told me that she thought that she had already e-mailed me a
>>couple weeks ago and apologized for the delay.She also said that she
>>would rather speak to me over the telephone than through e-mail,Which is
>>fine with is tough going back and forth with e-mails with the type
>>of information she offers I suppose.How did you make out with speaking
>>with her? Did you have a hystectomy?My problem with adhesions is caused
>>by an infection after my hysterectomy,carelessness of my previous gyn,He
>>missed a stitch during surgery which caused me to have a bleeder or
>>hematoma.I believe they are one in the same.That landed me back into the
>>O R for him too take care of it and 4 days in the hospital with I V
>>antibiotics.I really regret having the hysterecomy,I have more problems
>>now than I did before .Will talk to you real soon."FRIENDS THAT STICK

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