Re[2]: Virus Happy99.exe

From: Igor Gudymenko (
Thu Sep 30 03:43:56 1999

Hello Helen, I read your story about Win32 e-mail worm Happy99. Since I'm a system programmer so your words were neither strange nor something special for me. I saw a mass of viruses and heard a lots of similar stories. But you said about: > All day today
>> I kept getting the message "This program has performed an illegal
>> operation and will shut down" whenever I would try to send or receive.
I can say that virus is quite reliable application. Yes, the code of file happy99.exe is a standard Win32 application. So it's not so difficult to explore it. Moreover I traced it's code with system debugger and have not noticed any tricky or too dangerous piece. As I know it works fine with all wide-spread mail-software. So if you got above messages it's a sign that you have some latent and serious problems with your Windows. The problem was not in virus. It just showed you that is really something wrong with your PC.

Best regards, Igor Gudymenko

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