Social Security Disability -

From: Helen Dynda (
Wed Sep 29 21:37:50 1999

I have had a request for information about Social Security Disability. Rather than send this information to just one person, I decided to invite her to come to the Adhesions Forum to view this information; and to at the same time have the experience of being at the forum as well. Thus this information is available to help others learn about the Social Security Disability program too.

Here are the web sites where you will find some excellent information about Social Security Disability:

1.) * Social Security Disability - many links!

2.) * Helping Patients Obtain Social Security Benefits

3.) * Adhesions Forum ->> scroll down and type in : Social Security Disability ->> and then click: Search Adhesions

4.) * Endometriosis Forum ->> scroll down and type in: Social Security Disability ->> and then click: Search ENDO

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