Re: unexpected pain relief

From: teresa hunt (
Wed Sep 29 23:34:55 1999

Hi Mary, Occasionally I have a little pain relief. Seems like any relief is "unexpected", yet ALWAYS welcome. I have tried to walk and it makes me worse. Going to the grocery puts in the bed the rest of the day and sometimes longer. I have purchased some MSM, but I am about half scared to start it. Don't ask me why so many things make me sick and I just spent $20 on a two month supply of something that I amy not be able to take. They tell me that walking keeps thing moving down there. The more I move the more pain I experience. I seen my GI doc on Monday and he told me go back to the GYN that did the surgery last month. "he will do surgery again to remove the new adhesions" he said. I am waiting, I see his associate next Wednesday. Who is suppose to MUCH MUCH better. I hope his reputation precedes him. So far in the last 2 weeks I have taken 60 percocet and over 60 laxatives not counting the ultram and the OTC drugs for pain. Get this short term disability don't know if they can approve me to return to work. I work in a factory, wear steel toe shoes and the work is high stress and is some what dangerous when your alert anyway. They want me to drive 20 miles to and from work and work 8 hours on all these drugs. I told them they might want to consider to drugs I'm on first. Thanks for letting me vent I know we are NOT alone out there. I got a little carried away answering you question Mary. I am very glad you received some relief. What ever works I still looking. Teresa

>From: (Mary)
>To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS <>
>Subject: unexpected pain relief
>Date: Mon, 27 Sep 1999 22:07:28 -0500
>I had unexpected pain relief and wondered if anyone else had experienced
>something similar. Like so many of you here, I have known from
>experience that exercise....even just walking...always has seemed to
>aggravate my pain. Two weekends ago we went to Chicago for a fun time
>with our favorite traveling friends. And we walked...and walked...and
>walked. The social pressure of being with a group...and it was a fun
>bunch....and a drink here and there....made me keep moving. We
>estimated that we walked 6-8 miles a day for three days. To my
>surprise, rather than feeling worse like I do after walking a mile or
>two, I felt much much better. I came home and have been walking at
>least an hour a day and the relief seems to be holding.
>Any ideas or reactions? I read the posts every day...Thanks everyone for
>being there. Mary

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